Getting closer

January 11, 2008

Looking at colour combinations and effects.

Colours 1

Colours 2

Colours 3


Tag lines

January 7, 2008


Guaranteed (sex | fornication | copulation | fuck | nosh | etc).
One night stand.
(Get your) Rocks off honey.
Be a virgin once (more | again).
Take her right here.
Raising the bar.


Pay for your (date | man | woman | escort) (tonight).
The ultimate aphrodisiac.
Last (the) 3 hours.
Do you have the stamina.
Relive | Revive | Rekindle | re-experience your honeymoon period.

D&AD/YCN 2007

December 1, 2007


So the 2007 D&AD/YCN briefs are upon us once again. Having looked through the briefs I have decided to attempt the Royal Opera House brief set by This is Real Art.

The brief essentially is asking in theory it for a print advertising campaign, however something more elaborate and challenging for the viewer is required to be submitted.

The brief

Through poster advertising encourage the public to discover opera and ballet at the Royal Opera House.           


Discover opera and ballet at           

Mandatory requirements

Between one and three different posters, suitable for outdoor or indoor. Your posters should use innovative art direction to execute an original and relevant advertising idea. Your key word is innovative; Helmut Krone (1925-1996) talked about breaking the mould by creating a new page every time he art directed something.           


The Royal Opera House has a history stretching back almost three centuries to 1732 when the first theatre on that site was built. Located in the London district of Covent Garden it is one of the foremost opera houses and performing arts venues in the world, The large building, often referred to as simply “Covent Garden”, is the home of the Royal Opera, the Royal Ballet and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Most of the world’s greatest ballet and opera stars have performed in Covent Garden and after its reconstruction in the 90’s it is thought to be one of the most modern and accessible theatre buildings in Europe. It is open to the public during the day.